High School Cheer Music

The best kept secret in Cheer Music is offering its lowest price ever on custom High School Cheer Music routines. Listen to our High School Cheer Music Samples below and we think you’ll agree, Cheer Music All-Stars provides the best quality, price, and customer care in the industry.

Cheer Music All-Stars is a Preferred Cheer Music Provider


Your Cheer Mix Will Include

  • A Fully Custom mix made to your specifications
  • UNLIMITED Voice Overs and Effects
  • One FREE round of edits
  • Satisfaction guaranteed on every cheer music order!

Cheer Music Discounts

We are currently offering discounts when booking multiple routines!

Premade Cheer Music

Are you looking for something a little more cost effective? Check out our Premade Cheer Music Store!

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When Do I Pay?

You can place the cheer music order above prior to making payment. Whenever you’re ready to make a payment, click on the Cheer Music Prices tab and select “add to order” next to the style of cheer music you’re looking for. The cost for a 1:30 High School routine is $450. Your mix will include voiceovers, fx, and revisions to make sure you have the perfect cheer mix for your high school cheer team. You will be corresponding with a professional cheer music producer throughout the cheer mixing process. Rest assured, you will have your cheer music on time and you will absolutely love it!

How to Reach Us

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us directly:


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