Cheer Music Toolbox

This cheer music toolbox is dedicated to helping cheerleaders, coaches, and choreographers in their never ending quest for the perfect cheer mix. We hope these free tools will help you whether you are choosing an amazing cheer music company such as Cheer Music All-Stars, or any other cheer music company for that matter.



Cheer Music Tools

What is premade cheer music?

Cheer music Links and Recourses

Free 8 count sheets

How to fill out an 8count sheet

Cheer Music Length, Time, and Beats per minute (bpm)

Making Cheer Music Flow Properly

How to film cheer routines for a cheer music producer

What are 8count tracks and why you should use them?

As always, there will be more to come. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help with your all cheer music needs.

Cheer Music Toolbox

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