Free 8 Count Sheets

Here you can download free 8 count sheets brought to you by Not only do we have the best looking 8 count sheets, we find these to be the most functional and easiest to use as well. If you’re new to filling out 8 count sheets, or you’re filling out an 8 count sheet out for the first time, we encourage you to check out our article entitled “How to fill out an 8 count sheet”. We wish to provide you all the tools necessary for accomplishing a great cheer mix.

Download 8 count sheets


Features bigger boxes for more notes.

Free 8 Count Sheet (BIG) .pdf
Free 8 Count Sheet (BIG) .xlsx


Features more counts on fewer pages.

Free 8 Count Sheet (condensed) .pdf
Free 8 Count Sheet (condensed) .xlsx

Cheer Mixes

If you thought our free 8 count sheets were good, just wait until you hear our premade cheer music!

  • ALL mixes include licensing documentation upon purchase via email.
  • ALL mixes include multiple tempos at no additional charge!

Custom Cheer Music

Custom cheer music orders can be filled out through the following form. We offer discounts for multiple routines! Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions:



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