About Cheer Music All-Stars

Cheer Music All-Stars was developed by 3 key people.

One happens to be an acclaimed music producer who not only works with many artists heard on the airwaves today, but also owns his very own music recording studio. This is the same recording studio utilized when creating mixes for our clients here at Cheer Music All-Stars. This offers unique advantages when compared to our competitors. Most notable would be the quality of our voice overs. Greenville Ave Studios is a great place to record, mix, and master cheer music.

The other two key members of our team consist of a renowned cheer gymnastics coach and choreographer. Together we’ve designed a cheer music system that works. What was once a process that many coaches have dreaded over the years, has now become fun and exciting. We are NOT a gigantic company that runs your mix through a machine. We much prefer handcrafting your mix to perfection, and because we operate this website ourselves, we’re easy to contact. We want nothing to get in the way of you and your mix which is why our clients work directly with the cheer music producer. You can rest assured your mix will be completed on time just the way you want it. That’s what makes us special. That’s what makes us… All-Stars.

Cheer Music All-Stars. The best place for Allstars cheer music

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