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All-star cheer music straight from the source. We here at Cheer Music All-Stars provide custom cheer music at competitive prices. We are proud to be listed as a Preferred Cheer Music Provider by USAcheer. All cheer mixes are 100% legal and we offer discounts for multiple routines. To get started, simply fill out our free cheer music order form below and a cheer music producer will contact you directly about moving forward with your next cheer mix. You may also contact us directly at


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We know how stressful fitting your cheer music in at the last minute can be. To help, we allow coaches and choreographers to order their cheer music free through our all-star cheer music ordering form. This is so we’ll have your cheer music order and information on file and ready to work on by the time you’re ready to make a payment. We find this makes for a better cheer music experience and results in a quicker turnaround. Fill out the information to get started.

Premade Cheer Music

Are you looking for something a little more cost effective? Check out our Premade Cheer Music Store!

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